Mastered by Stan Ruffo
In Your Face - Dave Mathis & Friends

"I think it turned out real nice...I was very pleased"
Dave Mathis - Producer
In Your Face available, just email Dave

Double Dealin' - William Clarke and Junior Watson

"You did a heck of a job. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"
Jeanette Clarke Lodovici - Producer
Double Dealin' available on CD Baby

"...the sound you get is nothing short of amazing!"
Bob "Pacemaker" Newham - Producer
So Cal Barbeque available on Bluebeat Music

"We were very pleased with the results.  Great Job!"
Ken Huff
- Producer
Pork Chop Tom Blues Band available on CD Baby
"Sounds terricic man!"
Mark Mumea
- Producer
Back To Chicago - Available on Devil's Tale Music

"I like it!"
Stan Ruffo
- Producer
No Pork Tonight available from Stan Ruffo
Singles available on Reverbnation

"I like it!"
Stan Ruffo
- Producer
Blues On Tap available from Stan Ruffo
Singles available on Reverbnation

Mastering Services
To put it in simple terms, mastering is the process of enhancing the
presentation of a mix so it sounds its best on the widest variety of playback systems.

Service typically includes audio level, dynamics, and equalization
adjustments; noise removal; fades/crossfades; and track sequencing
& spacing. The mastered material can be used to generate a CD Master,
and/or to cut a Lacquer Master for vinyl pressing.

For some time,I have provided mastering services to those close to me in the
recording industry. (Recordings featuring: William Clarke, Jr. Watson,
Bob 'Pacemaker' Newham, Stacie Newham, Henry Carvajal, San Pedro Slim,
Rick Holmstrom, Johnny Dyer, Martin Pugh, Zach Zunis, Hank Van Sickle,
Willie Brinlee, Kid Andersen, and others).

I now offer the same service to you! And I feel so confident that you will absolutely
love the work I do for you, that I want you to send me your most troubling
track! I will master the track, AT NO COST TO YOU!

I will send you a fully mastered clip from your track for review, which you can
play on all your systems...In your car, home theater, mp3 player, on the computer,
and every other system you have.

Once you've heard the difference, I'm certain you'll agree that I can and will
make your project stand apart from the rest! And I will work with you to achieve
the final result you desire, no matter how challenging!